As we approach Mother’s Day, it is important to reflect and appreciate all the wonderful things mothers contribute to our lives. For many, this may be a hard time as we think back over those who have passed away or can no longer celebrate with us in person. As difficult as these times may be, it is also important to take the opportunity to remember them and honour their memory in meaningful ways, such as wearing your beautiful jewellery for ashes. A great way to do this is by celebrating your mother or another special woman on this special day- using an activity that cherishes her memory and brings those around you closer together.

Gather The Family Together


One way is to gather together and share memories of your mother. Talk about the things she loved and the lessons she taught you. Laugh about the funny moments you shared or cry for what could have been. Reminisce about how she made Sunday dinners special or her knack for finding bargains at garage sales. Most importantly, use this time to bring the family closer together and gain strength from one another in times of sadness.

You can also include activities that your mother enjoyed, whether baking her favourite cookies or singing her favourite songs together as a family – whatever will bring comfort and joy during this difficult time. You could even write letters to your mom expressing your love for her and telling her how much you miss her presence in your life.

Planting Flowers or Trees


A meaningful way of celebrating Mother’s Day is by planting flowers or trees that will bloom every springtime in memory of your mother. Planting a flower or tree in honour of a special mother is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for her unconditional love. There are many ways to go about this: planting flowering shrubs like tulips or rhododendrons in memory of that special mother, to planting trees such as oak or evergreen magnolias in recognition of her strength and resilience. Not only does this provide an opportunity to give back to nature, but it also serves as an enduring reminder of the proud legacy she has left behind. If you cannot physically plant something on Mother’s Day due to scheduling conflicts, options are still available! You could purchase seedlings online, which could then be planted later or donate towards tree-planting initiatives in her name – either way, it’s sure to make her feel appreciated and honoured on her special day! Planting something that will grow with time is Mothers of the love and bond that never fades even after death. If you have limited space for gardening, try buying potted plants instead—you can either put them in your home or give them away as gifts to friends and family jewellery so they can experience the beauty of nature too!

Creating Memory Boxes


Creating memory boxes is another great way to keep memories alive while commemorating Mother’s Day each year. Fill these boxes with meaningful items such as photos, cards, ashes rings, letters written by your mother or any other keepsakes that remind you of her special presence in your life. You can also add items such as jewellery or clothing articles with sentimental value so that whenever you open the box, it brings back fond memories and reminds you how much she meant to everyone who knew her.



Another way to honour a departed mother on Mother’s Day is to Volunteer in honour of her; this is an excellent way to commemorate her memory and celebrate her life. By setting aside time to volunteer in her name, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of others while reducing your own pain and sorrow. Several organizations specialize in helping people volunteer in memory of those they have lost, allowing them to continue the values of giving back that their mother instilled in them while honouring her spirit. Volunteering projects range from helping out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter to joining an organization devoted to helping children or other causes dear to your heart. By doing something positive like this on Mother’s Day, you are continuing your mother’s legacy of service and compassion and paying tribute to her with a gesture that would make her proud.


Mother’s Day is a special time for many families worldwide—a time when we express our gratitude for all the love our mothers have given us throughout our lives and now beyond from heaven above. This year may be especially difficult for those who have recently lost their mothers due to illness or other causes, but hopefully, these memorial ideas have inspired you to find ways to celebrate their lives and preserve their legacies for years to come! Whether it’s through volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing home, planting flowers and trees to remember them, or creating memory boxes full of special items—there are so many different ways we can honour our mothers this Mother’s Day despite their physical absence from our lives now. So go out there and make sure they know they are still being remembered!

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