How we create your special jewellery

  • Step One

    Creating Your Design

  • Step Two

    Crafting Your Jewellery

  • Step Three

    Soldering & Engraving

  • Step Four

    Polishing & Presentation

Creating Handmade Jewellery

Creating Your Design

The first stage in creating your handmade jewellery is to cut, file, and buff the metal or wire. This enables us to create the shape of your chosen design.

Crafting Your Jewellery

The next stage is to take your loved ones ashes or hair and impress them onto the metal or we can encapsulate the ashes/hair into a resin gem. Impressing is done via a special piece of equipment called a rolling mill. The ashes or hair create a beautiful permanent mark on the metal. The imprint is a truly personal and special way to feel close to your loved one. If we encapsulate the ashes or hair into a gem this is done by mixing them with clear resin and a glitter colour of your choice. The resin then cures glass clear and hard over several days.

Any unused ashes or hair are returned to you with your completed order.

Rolling Mill Crafting
Soldering Filing Engraving

Soldering , Filing , Engraving

After imprinting the metal or creating the resin gem we hand-form, solder, and buff the metal. All of our jewellery is stamped with the 925, 750, or 375 mark. Any personal messages, names, or dates will be laser-engraved onto your jewellery at this stage. We are able to engrave a handwritten message onto your jewellery in your loved ones exact handwriting style.

All we need is a copy of an old Birthday/Christmas card or a note with your chosen text on it. Your personal message can be up to 15 characters long.

Polishing & Presentation

The final stage is to hand polish your memorial jewellery to give it a beautiful mirror shine finish. Your jewellery will be presented in an elegant gift box. You will also receive a commemorative certificate telling you the creation date of your treasured piece.

Polishing And Presentation
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