Fingerprint Round Studs
Fingerprint Round Studs
Fingerprint Round Studs
Fingerprint Round Studs
Fingerprint Round Studs

Fingerprint Round Studs

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Delicate and perfect to wear every day, our stunning round fingerprint studs bring a special touch that make a wonderful keepsake. Available in either sterling silver or 9ct gold, the round disc of the earring stud is delicately patterned with the fingerprint of your loved one, to create something totally unique.

Stud dimensions are 10mm by 10mm.

How To Order

Beautifully delicate texture

Keep the touch of a loved one always close, with our beautiful round stud earrings that have been delicately engraved with the unique swirls of their fingerprint. Handmade by our skilled jewellers, you can choose to have your new round studs in either high-shine sterling silver or classic 9ct gold.

After polishing the precious metal to a smooth surface, we etch the unique pattern of your loved one’s fingerprint to the surface of each stud earring to create a beautiful delicate texture that is like no other. We then polish each stud to a gorgeous high shine that sparkles when the textured pattern catches the light. Once complete, each stud is fixed to its stud post and are ready to wear as a personal reminder of your loved one.

The perfect gift

To ensure you get the perfect results, we will send you a full information pack once you place your order so you can send our team a good quality fingerprint image we can work to. Once finished, your new round stud earrings will be sent to you in a beautiful gift box, along with a special commemorative certificate. Free UK delivery comes as a standard on all orders.

To keep your fingerprint round stud earrings looking like new, gently wipe with a dry, soft jewellery cloth.

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