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Round glass stud earrings

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Our understated yet gorgeous ashes bezel set glass stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear, ensuring that you can hold the treasured memory of your loved one close to you wherever you go. Featuring sublime glass gems intricately patterned with the precious ashes of your lost loved one, securely mounted on sterling silver or gold backings. Choose from 10 vibrant glass colours for a truly special addition to your jewellery box.

Our ashes glass round bezel set earrings are each 10mm in diameter.

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Ashes glass stud earrings – a timeless keepsake

The delicate process of turning your loved one’s ashes into glass earrings starts when we receive your order pack. From there, our expert jewellers take a small sample of the ashes and fuse them with glass in a stunning colour of your choice. After this, glass gems are hand shaped and set on gold or 925 silver posts before being added to butterfly backs and your completed earrings are polished before being packaged. Due to our crafting process and the natural colour variation of ashes, each set of glass stud earrings is completely unique – meaning they make a truly special keepsake.

Although our ashes glass stud earrings do not require specific care, we recommend polishing to a shine with a soft jewellery cloth when needed.

Your memories are safe in our hands

Our team understand how precious memories with your loved one are. From the time the ashes enter the workshop, to when they leave encapsulated in a treasured pair of earrings, they are treated with the utmost respect. Once your order is complete, your jewellery will be carefully packed alongside any leftover ashes and sent back to you free of charge. If you have any questions before, during or after the process – please do not hesitate to contact our devoted team on 01283 260245

Each glass stone is handmade with your loved one’s ashes and will look completely unique! Some small bubbles will be visible in the stone; these occur naturally in the creation process due to the carbon in the ashes. Please note that colour shades may vary slightly as it glass stone is handcrafted.

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Sterling Silver


Black, Amethyst, Blue Blend, Amber, Pearl Pink, Green, Topaz Blue, Red, Aqua, Cobalt Blue