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Small hand blown ashes vortex glass baubles

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Our beautiful petite hand blown round glass ashes memorial Christmas tree bauble is the perfect way of commemorating a loved one during the festive season. Hand crafted by our talented artists, our memorial Christmas tree ornament can help you keep special memories close.

The elegant design is simple yet stunning, drawing everyone’s eye to your beautiful memorial decoration this festive season. Why not add a hand stamped name tag to further personal use this treasured keepsake.

How To Order

A Christmas Memory

We know how important it is to keep your loved one with you after they’ve passed, and that’s especially true during the Christmas season. We craft your memorial Christmas bauble from high quality glass rod. You can choose a glass colour of your choice. We encapsulate a small amount of ashes within the glass when it is hand blown. Each bauble is truly unique just like your loved one.

  • Beautiful elegant design
  • Encapsulate your loved one’s ashes for eternity
  • High quality glass that is hand blown by our master glass blower

Handmade & unique

The bauble measures approximately 40mm in diameter. You will also receive a commemorative card stating the date we created your tree decoration.

Please note all decorations are handmade and no memorial decoration will be exactly the same. Variations in the glass will affect colour and shape slightly. The ashes used in images shown were white, however many ashes are a mix of brown, black and grey. Owing to the varied colour of cremation ashes, your bauble maybe darker than the images shown.  Bubbles are a natural occurrence in the finished glass.

Your loved one’s ashes are always handled with great care and respect. Each decoration is handcrafted in our specialist workshop. We will return any unused ashes to you with your order.

Additional information


Clear, Amber, Red, Amethyst, Aqua, Cobalt Blue

Name tag

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