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Sterling Silver Double Resin Gem Wave Bangle

$ 267.41 $ 210.05

The sophisticated design of our double resin gem wave bangle creates a stunning personal and long-lasting tribute to a loved one.

With the curve of the waves representing two lives always together and studded with a pair of hair or ashes imprinted gems, this is a delicate piece of memorial jewellery that is totally unique. The expandable back of our double resin gem wave bangle means it will fit wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches.

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Glitter colour of your choice

Keep the memory of a loved one always to hand with our stunning sterling silver gem wave bangle that is light and easy to wear. Carefully handcrafted by our specialist jewellers, the soft curves and high shine gems of this exquisite piece are what makes it really special.

With their hair or ashes carefully inlaid into our clear resin, the result is two unique gems that sparkle with the memory of your loved one. Leave your gems clear for a sublime clarity or add some extra lustre with a glitter colour of your choice. Set against the gleam of the hand polished sterling silver and you have a personal tribute you will always want to wear.

Exceptional customer care

Your beautiful new wave bangle will come presented in a special gift box, along with a commemorative certificate to mark its creation date. All orders also come with free UK delivery.

Customer care is at the heart of Ashes Memorial Jewellery and we will treat your loved one’s ashes/hair with the utmost care, returning any unused with your new piece of jewellery. To keep your new piece of sterling silver memorial jewellery in tip-top condition, gently clean with a jewellery cloth, using plastic polish on the resin gems.

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Glitter Colour

Silver (As Shown), Green, No Glitter, Black, Cobalt Blue, Dark Purple, Gold, Pink, Red, Topaz Blue, Vivid Purple