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Dog Memorial Gifts UK

It’s never easy saying a permanent goodbye to loved ones, but it can be even more challenging when it comes to our cherished pets.

At Ashes Memorial Jewellery, we can now offer pet memorial gift keepsake jewellery to commemorate the passing of a precious pet with a beautiful pet ashes bracelet or handcrafted memorial charm, with free UK delivery.

Our many years of jewellery craftsmanship allow us to make your pet memorial gift jewellery as unique as possible, so you can hold them close to you every day in a piece of jewellery that perfectly represents them.

We can engrave your pet memorial gifts with their name, date of birth, and date of passing on one of our memorial bracelets for you to always remember those special dates and the time they spent with you.

The bracelets and charms pet memorials will then be handcrafted for you using sterling silver and any special requests that may be made, such as having your dog’s name on the bracelet, any special words, or even a place your dog loved to be the most.

Our pet memorial gifts are suitable for everyday wear and will be sent to you once they have been made with free UK delivery included.

An Ashes Memorial Jewellery bracelet lets you celebrate the times you and your dog spent together while keeping them handcrafted and personalised to your own specific requirements as personal pet memorials.

Our expert jewellers ensure your dog memorial jewellery has that extra special personal touch for every single piece that will arrive to you with free UK delivery.

A delicate bracelet made of sterling silver with a small amount of ashes from your four-legged loved ones will ensure you have something special and long-lasting, just like your memories of your pet.

You can wear your beautiful bracelet every day, and it will serve as a constant reminder of your loved pet.

Fingerprint Round Disc Charm
From £135.00

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Fingerprint Heart Charm
From £135.00

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £22.50 with Laybuy

15% off new orders over £220. Use code Ashes15 (exclusions apply)
Handmade in Britan
Klarna Available
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