How To celebrate Christmas After Losing A Loved One

Christmas After Losing A Loved OneAfter Losing A Loved One, Celebrations May Not Feel The Same, But There Are Still Ways To Celebrate Christmas After A Loved One Has Passed


When a loved one passes, it is only natural to assume that your whole world changes.

Some elements of life will be changed permanently, and the feeling you get from doing everyday life is inherently different. You gain a whole new and different perspective on life.

The feeling of loss after a loved one has passed can be felt in so many different ways. The way grief is felt is such a unique process that it will never be the same from one person to the next.

Grief after losing a loved one can make you feel like you do not want to celebrate anything, which is an entirely normal feeling.

Sitting alone and thinking is entirely acceptable to do during those times after losing a loved one; however, it is essential to have people around you to celebrate happy occasions, such as Christmas.

Christmas is a time designed for togetherness and celebration. Still, after the loss of a loved one, this may be an area that you want to integrate gently and in small sections to make sure that the overwhelm of the occasion and the feeling of grief after losing a loved one does not all come at once.

So how can we manage to learn how to celebrate Christmas after losing a loved one?

Here are some elements of coping that may help you this festive time.

Accept Company

Christmas after losing a loved one may feel like the strangest thing on earth.

You may feel like there is no point in celebrating when you cannot celebrate with the one you have lost. However, accepting a little company from people you love and trust will really help you to be part of something really special, even if it is only for an hour or 2.

Making sure the people, you choose to spend a little time with the know-how you are feeling will help if you start to feel overwhelmed and need to remove yourself from the situation.

Start Small

There may not be any significant advantage to going headlong into a massive celebration when you are in the midst of the grief of losing a loved one.

The ideal way to celebrate Christmas after losing a loved one is to start small, both in regards to gatherings size and time-wise, to ensure that the arrangements are something you feel you can manage.

If at any point at all you feel that you may need to withdraw from any plans or celebrations, do not feel guilty for doing so. People who know the situation will understand completely, so dont beat yourself up for at least trying.

Have A Dedicated Memorial

By organising a dedicated memorial for your loved one with close friends and family, you are allowing everyone close to share a moment to remember the person and the place they still have in your hearts.

It can be as simple as everyone lighting a candle together to remember them or releasing a balloon together with a message attached. Memorials allow people to come together to remember the life of your loved one, to support you at a difficult time, and to all be together on a special occasion.

A memorial can also be an excellent opportunity to share Christmas bereavement gifts, especially personalised gifts, which can bring so much comfort to everyone who is experiencing the loss.

Do Something Special For You

When you are looking at ways of how to celebrate Christmas after losing a loved one, it’s always best to do something that makes you feel good.

The things you can do to make yourself feel better can vary from person to person, but doing something that is just for you will give you a feeling of being human and feeling a little happy about something that you have achieved for yourself and your wellbeing.

Some ideas include:


  • Purchasing a special outfit
  • Visiting the hairdresser
  • Choosing some jewellery
  • Taking a short trip to gather your thoughts


Of course, there may be more options that would suit you, and none of them are ever going to be bad choices if it’s something that makes you feel better.

Bereavement Gifting

Bereavement gifts are an aspect of grieving after the loss of a loved one that is becoming popular to celebrate the person who is no longer with you.

At Christmas, this can help you feel like the loved one is still with you somehow.

Gifting yourself something that helps you remember the person you have lost fondly and keep them close to you. You can also consider gifting your friends and family something commemorating the person you (and they) have lost.

Christmas bereavement gifts can come in all different formats, but here are some beautiful ideas to gift yourself and others in remembrance of your loved one:

Personalised Candles

Personalised candles can be a fantastic commemorative gift for yourself and your friends and family as a way to remember the loved one you have lost. The candles can be a way of symbolising their eternal light through a candle dedicated to their memory.

Ashes Into Jewellery

Jewellery is always a beautiful gift to give yourself and other close friends and family.

The gift of incorporating a loved one’s ashes into a piece of jewellery that can be worn every day to keep that person close to you is something so thoughtful and comforting.

Gifting yourself this option can help the grieving process by having your loved one close to you. Still, it can also be something that you can gift to friends and family members who will also be missing the person who is gone.

A Small Ornament

A Christmas gift that is dedicated to the memory of the person you have lost can be something very special that means an awful to keep, for yourself and for friends and family.

At the festive times of the year, there is something for everyone to leave that special memory in their heart.

Personalised baubles, glass ornaments, and gifts such as remembrance figurines can be the perfect choices for small Christmas bereavement gifts.

Open Communication

When you are looking for ways to celebrate Christmas after losing a loved one, One of the best things you can do is open up the channels of communication with your friends and loved ones.

Of course, there may be days where you do not feel strong enough to talk to anyone. Having open communication with the people who love you and those who understand how you may be feeling can positively impact your day.

Tell your friends and family that u can make plans to enjoy the Christmas celebrations, but that you may not be able to stay long or you may cancel at the last minute depending on how you feel; they will appreciate the way you are feeling and be supportive.


Suppose you are looking for some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas after losing a loved one; you can now see that you can implement so many ways so you do not feel isolated, alone and that you do not miss out on the magic of Christmas.

The most important thing to do is to do the things you want to do in your own time and under your own instruction to make sure that the things you are doing do not become overwhelming in the midst of your grief.

If you are taking part in some elements of Christmas celebrations, it is incredibly important to only do the things you believe you can. It’s best not to overwhelm yourself too much when you are already overwhelmed with grief, so make sure you do something to celebrate Christmas little and often.

You can still celebrate Christmas after the loss of a loved one by giving yourself and other people commemorative Christmas gifts to ensure that the memory of your loved one is honoured at this special time; personalised candles, ornaments, and even the loved ones ashes into jewellery can all be incredible Christmas gifts to give at a time when you need comfort and care the most.

Smile where you can.

Talk where you can.

And celebrate your loved ones’ life during this Christmas period, always.

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