Mother Day Memorial Gifts

mother's day memorial gifts

How To Remember A Loved And Missed Mother or Mother Figure On Mothers Day

Mothers day is a day to celebrate the memories we’ve made with our mother or mother figure.

This day is a time to reflect on those precious memories and come up with great ways to honour the mother or mother figures that we’ve lost.

Mothers day can be difficult, but there are some ways you can make it memorable by remembering your loved one in a unique way.

There are many different ways memorial and remembrance gifts can be given, made, and received.

While this process of giving, making, and receiving gifts may seem like something you are not ready to do, it can really help in the processing and healing from losing that special lady from your life.

The gifts, or remembrance givings, as we like to call them, are not meant to be offered or received as a replacement for losing your mother or mother figure on mothers day, but more to aid the memories you have together, through the trials of life, the bumps in the road in the relationship bond and more importantly, the smiles and love you shared together in the times that you will hold in your memory box of your life, and theirs.

While a lot of people would automatically give or receive an extravagant piece of jewellery or something special they owned while they were alive, which is not wrong by any means, you could also create memories of their life and put it in a physical or experience format, so there is more of a more visual reminder of their precious memories, for instance.


These ideas are all creative and unique ways to remember your loved one on this day, and if you’re looking for more special and unique ideas, read on.

Here are some interesting options for memorial gifts to remember your mother or mother figure on mothers day.

Memorial Gifts To Remember Mum

Photo Montage

You can make a remembrance gift of a photo montage of your loved one’s life and put it in a frame for the family.

This gift would be a touching way to remember your loved one, as well as a great conversation piece around your loved one when you have guests over.

This type of gift has so much more meaning than it does expense, and it can be something that you and your loved ones can look on in many years to come with fond memories.

Keepsake Clothing Items

Everyone always remembers a beautiful or favourite piece of clothing that reminds them of their mother or mother figure.

That favourite piece of clothing, maybe a scarf or even a cardigan, could be made into a memorial gift like a unique cushion or even an outfit for a bear to remind you of them.

This can be such a massive comfort around mothers day and can be especially useful for younger family members to have to remind them of the loved one they have lost.

 Keepsake Ashes Jars

Another option is to make up small jars with the ashes in them and give them away as gifts to collectively share them in public places such as parks and beaches to facilitate remembering mum.

These gifts would be creative ways to remember your loved one, and they would be something that the whole family can reflect on for years to come.

The jars can be made to a really incredible personal level, so they represent the mother or mother figure they have lost:

  • The fabric seal toppers can be spritzed with their favourite scent.
  • The jars can be decorated with their favourite colours.
  • They can even have personalised message labels attached to the jar, reminiscing the favourite memory you have or the message you’d like to leave her.

So personal and so sentimental.

Ashes Into Jewellery

While we are looking at including ashes in memorial gifts or keepsakes to remember your mother or mother figure or gifting to someone who has lost theirs, we are looking at a more permanent memorial of the lady who has been lost.

In recent years, turning the ashes of a loved one into a piece of jewellery as a permanent and wearable comforting memorial has become so popular, and we can see why.

For instance, a Necklace for ashes would be made to incorporate the ashes of your mother or mother figure inside a beautiful necklace and specifically designed so it can be worn as a reminder of your lost one, but always holding them close to your heart as they are right there in life with you, immortalised in a piece of jewellery.

This is such a comforting idea as a memorial gift and can bring great comfort to those people who have lost their mother or mother figure.

Baking Gifts And Memorial Meals

While this may not seem much like a physical gift to memorialise your mother or mother figure or to offer someone who has lost theirs, this can be such a touching memorial to both yourself and to your friends and family to remember that special lady on the day that is designed to belong to her.

Memorial meals can be arranged ahead of time to ensure those who wish to attend can do so.

You can create the menu to be all about your mother or mother figure or gift the experience to someone who has lost theirs.

The meal can consist of everything your loved one either loved to cook or cooked for you or their family. The table can be made up with their favourite colours, and you can reminisce and share the cherished memories together.

What better way to spend mothers day remembering mum.

Plant A Tree Or Create A Garden Planted In Their Memory.

We all want to make the memory of our loved ones feel special on mothers day.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a memorial garden or planting a tree in their memory.

A memorial garden can offer your family and friends an escape from everyday life, and it will be a place where you can go and reflect and remember them.

It’s can a beautiful or a simplistic place of reflection place with flowers, trees, and even water features.


Memorial gifts are given for a mother or loved one who is no longer with us and are especially important on mothers day.

It can be challenging to do, but what better way than this day of reflection and honouring?

There are many ways memorials can be given, from making and receiving sentimental pieces of jewellery to providing a meal for your friends and family, just as the matriarch would have cared for everyone.

However, suppose you’re not ready for that yet.

In that case, there is always something expressive and meaningful that you can give your loved ones as a remembrance gift on Mothers Day.

These givings aren’t meant to replace losing your close family member or friend- they serve as another memory made together through tough times -but they will help heal those people affected and enhance the great memories even more.

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