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Losing someone special is tough, but ashes rings are a poignant way to keep their memory alive. Ashes rings are not just your average piece of jewellery; they’re a special way to keep your loved one close.

Ashes rings, whether a simple design or something more ornate, are crafted to hold a bit of cremation ashes or even a lock of hair. It’s our way of helping you hold onto those precious memories and keep your loved one’s spirit right there with you every day.

Our range of rings for ashes is diverse. We’ve got everything from understated pieces to more eye-catching ones. Whether you prefer traditional gold, modern silver or sturdy and durable titanium, our wide range of ashes rings means you can find something that really calls out to you.

We have beautiful crystal rings with large stones, simple bands with options for engraving, and even ‘tree of life’ cremation rings if you are looking for something extra spiritual. Our ashes rings are completely customisable, so you can choose exactly how you want to remember your special person.

Once you have chosen the design and materials, the next step is for you to transport the ashes or hair. We will provide detailed instructions on how to safely package the ashes/hair and how to best get them to our workshop.

When we have received the package, we carefully inspect and document it before storing it securely in our workshop. Each package is labelled with the deceased’s name and carefully kept away from any hazards or potential contaminants.

As we turn the ashes into rings, our team works with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that the ashes or hair are worked seamlessly into the design. Whether you choose a simple band or a more intricate design, all of our cremation rings are created with care and respect, honouring the memory of your loved one in a meaningful way.

Creating rings for ashes is a delicate process, but we treat it with the care and respect it deserves. The technical process involves several steps that each need to be conducted carefully. First, we prepare the ashes to ensure we’re able to turn the ashes into rings. We then carefully add them to your chosen ring, incorporating any additional design details you might have requested.

Once the design is done, the ring is polished and finished to make it look perfect. The result is a beautiful piece of jewellery that is customised to you. It is a personalised symbol of the love and memories you share with your lost one. If there is any ash left over when we turn the ashes into rings, it will be returned to you with your ring.

Creating cremation rings is a healing process for the griever. Thinking about turning ashes into rings gives you time to reflect on the relationship you shared with your loved ones, thinking about how that relationship can be best represented by something tangible. Whether it’s a subtle reminder or a more pronounced tribute, cremation rings are a personal tribute that keeps your loved one’s memory alive in a unique way. Our team understands the design process can be emotional, so they can offer support, guidance and reassurance throughout.

What we love about these ashes rings is how they let you keep those treasured memories close. Ashes rings are small pieces of jewellery that can be worn at all times. Cremation rings let you take the memory of your loved one with you wherever you go. The deceased can be with you through difficult times, offering a symbol of support. And, through the happy times that they can’t witness first-hand, a part of them is with you too.

Every time you look at your ring for ashes, it’s like having a little piece of your loved one with you. It’s a comforting, constant reminder of the bond you shared. In the end, these cremation rings are more than just accessories; they’re a heartfelt way to remember and honour someone who meant the world to you.

fingerprint band ring
Fingerprint Band Ring
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Fingerprint Court Ring
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Ashes glass round ring
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