Your wedding day is an amalgamation of joy, excitement, anticipation, and a touch of sorrow, especially when some dear ones cannot join you on this special day. Their absence might tinge on your happiness with a sense of longing. However, you can transform this longing into a beautiful expression of love and remembrance. So, how can you keep their spirit alive and close to your heart during the wedding ceremony? Here, we will share some heart-warming, creative, and truly beautiful ways to remember and honour your loved ones on your big day.


Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding: An Overview

During one of the most momentous occasions of your life, it is only natural to feel a profound longing for those dear ones who have departed from this world. The memory of their laughter, words of wisdom, and warm hugs can make us wish they were still here to share in the joy. Despite their physical absence, you can ensure their spiritual presence is felt profoundly on your special day by adopting some simple yet deeply meaningful remembrance gestures.


Honouring Loved Ones Through Symbolic Gestures

Light a Candle

Lighting a candle in memory of the departed is not just a gesture but a symbol of their eternal presence in your life. As you watch the flame flicker and dance, you are reminded of their radiant spirit, warmth, and unfading influence in your life. This small but poignant act can transform your wedding atmosphere, filling it with a comforting serenity and a deep sense of love.

Ashes Glass Twisting Candle Holder

Empty Chair Tribute

An empty chair at your wedding is a powerful visual symbol of the loved ones who could not be physically present. Draped with a fabric or adorned with a flower, this empty chair symbolises not loss but love, respect, and memory. As you exchange vows, glance at the chair, and feel the silent but potent presence of your loved ones encouraging and blessing you from the world beyond.


Remembrance Through Words

Tribute in Your Speech

What better way to honour your loved ones than to dedicate a part of your speech or vows to them? Share anecdotes, express your feelings of longing, and acknowledge their continuous influence on your life. These words, spoken from the depth of your heart, can stir emotions and pay a fitting tribute to those you miss.


Wedding Program Mention

Your wedding program is not just an itinerary of the day; it can be transformed into a memorable keepsake. Dedicate a section to your loved ones, write a heartfelt note, or include a favourite poem or quote. Every time you or your guests look at the program, they will be reminded of the special souls still occupying a corner of their heart.


Incorporating Memorial Items in Your Wedding

Wedding Dress or Suit

In the midst of your bustling preparations, consider incorporating a piece of your loved one’s clothing into your wedding outfit. Whether it’s a piece of fabric sewn into your wedding dress, a pocket square from their favourite shirt, or a brooch they always wore, carrying a part of them close to your heart can make you feel their presence throughout the day.


Bridal Bouquet or Boutonniere

A bridal bouquet or boutonniere is not just a floral accessory; it can be a delicate vessel of memories. Attach a small locket, charm, or pin to your flowers. Every time you touch or look at these small tokens, you’ll be transported back to the precious moments spent with them.


A Touch of Sentimentality: Memorial Jewellery

Types of Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery offers a tangible way to keep your loved ones close to your heart, whether it’s a locket with a treasured photo or a pendant containing a pinch of ashes. These precious pieces serve as a constant reminder of those we hold dear, adding sentimental value to your wedding ensemble. In case memorial jewellery isn’t suitable, there is a variety of memorial gifts that can be given to someone dear to you on their wedding day. These gifts include candles, bears, keyrings, memorial Christmas ornaments, and much more.

Crystal Heart Inlaid Pendant

How to Choose Your Memorial Jewellery

The perfect piece of memorial jewellery should resonate with your emotions and match your style. Whether it’s a vintage locket, a minimalist bracelet, or a diamond-studded ring, the key is to feel connected, comforted, and loved when you wear it.


Making Use of Photos and Videos

Create a visual tribute to your loved ones by setting up a photo or video display. Compile their images, short video clips, or even their handwritten notes into a montage. This dedicated space allows guests to share in your memories, offering them a chance to pay their respects and reminisce.


The Role of Music and Dance

Music has the profound power to invoke memories and emotions. Include your loved ones’ favourite song in your wedding playlist. Dedicate a special dance to them, or let their favourite tune play and fill the air with their memory. This beautiful musical tribute can bring comfort and make you feel connected to them.


Unique Ideas for Memorialising Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Lantern Release

At the end of your wedding day, gather your guests and release lanterns into the night sky. As you watch these lanterns ascend towards the stars, think of your loved ones, their love for you, and your unending love for them. This symbolic act is not just a release of lanterns; it’s a release of your heartfelt messages to them in the sky.


Memorial Table

Set up a memorial table at your wedding. This table, adorned with their photographs, favourite belongings, handwritten notes, or even their favourite flowers, can serve as a serene space where you and your guests can spend a moment in quiet reflection and remembrance.



Your wedding day is a celebration of love; there’s no reason this celebration should exclude those not physically with us anymore. Incorporating these thoughtful and meaningful gestures ensures their memories and spirits are part of your big day. Each act of remembrance becomes a silent conversation of love between you and your loved ones, transforming your wedding into a beautiful amalgamation of joyful present and cherished past.

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