Personalised memorial lockets are a tangible way of keeping a memory alive. These lockets are a unique way to immortalise cherished memories of loved ones. From lockets for ashes to fingerprint necklaces, memorial jewellery is totally customisable to your taste and style.

In this article, we will look at the extensive world of memorial jewellery and how it can help mourners remember cherished moments with a loved one.

The Emotional Significance of Personalised Memorial Lockets

Personalised memorial lockets are much more than just jewellery. They are a physical representation of emotional connections, cherished memories and lost loved ones.

Memorial jewellery resonates with so many of us for so many reasons. It offers comfort, creates nostalgia and serves as a constant reminder of the love we shared with the deceased. It’s a special symbol that represents an enduring bond. 

For many, wearing memorial jewellery becomes a personal ritual. These pieces start conversations about the lost loved one, keeping their stories and memories alive. They are also a physical touchpoint, to be held onto during moments of grief, reflection or celebration.

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Lockets for Ashes: A Sacred Connection

Ashes lockets are one of the most poignant forms of memorial jewellery. They are carefully designed with a concealed compartment to hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes. The urn compartment, typically secured with a screw or a seal, keeps the ashes safe and undisturbed, so you can carry the memory of your loved one with you at all times.

Memorial Photo Lockets: Capturing Timeless Moments

Memorial photo lockets are a visual way to remember the deceased. 

A memorial photo locket enables you to carry a favourite photograph of your loved one. It is a personal gallery of a happy memory, something you can look back on whenever you feel like it. Having your loved one’s image close by is a deeply intimate thing and a unique way of remembering them after physical separation.

Lockets with Urn Compartment: A Comprehensive Memorial

If you are looking for something multipurpose, lockets with an urn section are a great piece of memorial jewellery. A locket with an urn compartment allows you to combine the physical presence of ashes with the visual focal point of a photograph, offering a comprehensive way of remembering a loved one.

Lockets with Engraving: Adding a Personal Touch

Engraving adds a personalisation option to memorial jewellery.

With a custom inscription, you can transform an everyday piece of jewellery into something truly special. From names to dates, fingerprints to slogans, an engraved piece of jewellery is a unique way to remember your relationship with your loved one. 

Engraved jewellery is a meaningful way to express words or conversations that cannot always be said aloud. It is also a physical touch point. The tactile feeling of tracing the engraving can be a very therapeutic experience. It can bring comfort and reassurance in both happy and sad times.

For many, the process of choosing what to engrave is also deeply reflective and cathartic. It gives you a chance to think about the relationship and everything it meant to you. Then, when you have decided on the words you would like engraved, you are left with a beautiful piece of truly custom jewellery, that represents the special bond you shared with the deceased.

Material Choices: Reflections of Connection and Durability

The choice of material for a memorial locket is just as important as the design. 


Sterling silver and stainless steel are high quality, durable materials. Sterling silver is a timeless choice, whilst stainless steel is a more modern alternative. Both of these materials are tough and resilient, they’re made to last, so you can get the most out of your memorial jewellery.


Gold might be chosen for its warm tones and classic beauty. Or, if you are looking for something less traditional and more unique, it is possible to create memorial jewellery from wood and titanium too.


Whatever material you choose, ensure it is significant to you. You should also consider the durability of the material, as well as the weight and texture. Memorial jewellery is a tactile way to remember a loved one, so the material should be tough enough to stand up to frequent wear and consistent touching.

The Role of Memorial Lockets in Grief and Remembrance

Personalised memorial lockets can help in the grieving process. They are a source of comfort and a symbol of remembrance. They are also a physical representation of the deceased, acting as a tangible point of contact when their physical presence is no longer around.

The act of choosing, customising and wearing a memorial locket can be a therapeutic stage in the grief journey. It is an external way to honour the relationship you had with your loved one. Memorial lockets are sacred objects that stir powerful emotions and memories.

For many mourners, memorial lockets are not just keepsakes. They are a source of strength. They become part of daily life and wearing them becomes a ritual.

Psychological Impact of Memorial Jewellery

Wearing memorial jewellery has a psychological impact. In the grieving space, these pieces are tangible symbols of remembrance. The jewellery can help individuals process their loss, navigating the complex process of mourning. 

Keeping a small part of a loved one close is a comforting experience. Whether it is ashes, a photograph or a piece of hair, it can be reassuring to know your loved one is still with you in some small way

Lockets for ashes are a great public expression of grief, which is usually a private and personal experience. This jewellery allows the mourner to externally display their loss, acting as a conversation starter or just a silent acknowledgement of the special bond.

These lockets can be a great transition step from acute grief to ongoing, peaceful remembrance. The jewellery enables the wearer to move forward whilst still honouring and cherishing the memory of their loved one.

Preserving Cherished Memories and Moments

Beyond the physical purpose of holding ashes or displaying photographs, memorial lockets are also a metaphorical way of storing cherished memories. They can encapsulate the essence of a loved one, enabling the wearer to carry those memories with them daily.

Maintenance and Care for Memorial Lockets

Proper maintenance and care are vital, to preserve the beauty and integrity of the lockets.

Regular cleaning, using a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning agent is essential to prevent tarnish. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, which can damage delicate components, especially if the locket contains a portion of ashes or a photograph

For lockets with intricate designs or engravings, gentle brushing with a soft-bristled brush can help maintain the beauty. Furthermore, storing the locket in a dry, fabric-lined jewellery box can protect it from scratches and environmental damage.

Periodic professional cleaning and maintenance can also be beneficial. In particular, you should get the clasps and chains inspected, to check these are in good working order.

By following these care guidelines, memorial lockets can be kept in pristine condition. This will ensure your jewellery lasts for years to come.

The Diversity of Design and Customisation

There are so many options when it comes to the design and customisation of memorial jewellery. From classic and understated gold or silver to quirky and unique wood or titanium. 


Plus, customisation options go beyond just engraving. The locket shape, chain style and size can be created bespoke. You can even add your own choice of stone or gem, perhaps the birthstone of a loved one, or a gem that was particularly special to them. 


Some lockets also allow for interchanging photos or messages, so you can refresh your jewellery now and then. Each piece of memorial jewellery is completely unique, like your loved one. If you are looking for a truly personal way to keep a part of your loved one close to your heart, memorial jewellery is the perfect solution.

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